“The Myth of Fair Housing: 

Public Housing Advocates, the Popular Discursive Dismantling of the Welfare State and the Rouses of Legal Discourse/Action”

Brittany Lewis
Political Science/WGS

Lewis in her dissertation ​argue​s​ that contemporary Black women public housing advocates must focus on re-cultivating the political will and political protection needed to ensure that our nation does not forget its obligation to inner city landscapes that continue to struggle with decades of discriminatory housing policies/practices. Lewis ​aim​s​ to illustrate how neoliberal conservative politicians, the mainstream news media and landmark judicial court cases create discursive, ideological, economic and political barriers for these resistant Black women activists as they aim to exercise their democratic right to participate in the infrastructural rejuvenation of their local neighborhoods.

October 7, 2014 6:30p.m. - 8:30p.m.


Pankaj Rishi Kumar’s “Punches n Ponytails” follows the journey of two women boxers in India. After the screening of the film, there will be a discussion session led by the producer. 

The film reveals not only the hardship of becoming a champion, but also other struggles the women face — the limitations of their bodies and their constant struggle to realize their dreams. 

Director’s statement: “I read a very small article on the sports page of a mainstream newspaper mentioning that a woman boxer from India had become the world champion. I was taken aback. I wondered why people were not talking about her or why there have been no films made on women boxing in India.

"I set out looking for answers … From Dec’04 to May’07, I shot with two woman boxers as they tried to understand their bodies, their undying love for the sport and their constant struggle to realize their dreams.

"It was not important for me whether the two boxers won or lost, what was important was their negotiations with people and forces around them. The question for women boxers determined to stay in the game was not ‘why?’ but instead, as I came to ask myself in this film, ‘why not?’"

Venue: Hanson Hall of Science (map), 102

Contact: Umme Al-wazedi, associate professor of English, ummeal-wazedi@augustana.com, 309-794-8873

Ticket Price: Free



i saw these while i was out shopping today.

do not buy or wear racist, ignorant, and oppressive “costumes” for halloween.

wear literally anything else or don’t dress up at all

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Wednesday Sept. 17th 

-Global Affect is hosting a dinner featuring Dr. Hartman talking about women and sustainability. It will be at the Augie Acres house (3401 6th Ave) at 6:30 pm. If you need help getting there we can send out specific directions, or there will be a group by the sycamore tree in the lower quad at 6:30 and we can all walk there together. 

Saturday Oct. 4th

Augustana sociology professor Dr. Marsha Smith will speak about Cambodia,
where, on her latest of three visits, she led 30 students for five weeks in
the Augustana 2013 term abroad. In addition to taking classes, the students
participated in service work for the Life and Hope Association

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Tuesday Oct. 21st

- 11th Annual Women for Social justice Conference at St. Ambrose College in the Rogalski Center. 

Email Dr Popple at jenniferpopple@augustana.edu if you are interested in attending. 

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Tonight September 16 Laci Green [ lacigreenwill be giving a lecture on rape culture at 7pm in the Gävle Room. 

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and a lot of things happened in the Women and Gender Studies Department! A new space, a new club, new classes. Here is to hoping next year is even better! Good luck on finals!


Frank Waln addressing rape culture & male responsibility.


#SouthDakota won’t stop illegally seizing our children. State foster facilities are the new #Indian boarding schools.
Help us bring the #Lakota children home!

WATCH & SHARE the new video: www.LakotaLaw.org/life

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